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Marble effect Collection
Oval trays
Jewelry boxes
Oval tray and jewelry box
Jewelry box on round tray
Phone holder
Vase, oval tray and jewelry box
Striped jewelry box and round tray
Phone holder
Oval tray
Phone holder
Oval trays
Light gray marble collection

Welcome to MAVE Creative Studio in McKinney!
Our studio offers Jesmonite workshops and a gift shop
with unique home decor items for various occasions.

Our hands-on WORKSHOPS are beginner-friendly and
you will be making
 beautiful and functional decor items that
 be proudly displayed at your home or
given to someone as a unique gift.

Jesmonite is an amazing eco-friendly compound
which introduces a spectrum of opportunities,
making it the perfect material for artists, creatives and makers. 
It will release your inner artist in no time.
Find out more about Jesmonite in our FAQ.

You don't need any experience, Jesmonite allows anyone to create
vibrant pieces that are durable and truly one of a kind.

Oval trays in various colors

You can make home decor items such as coasters, trinket trays, phone holders, candle holders, jewelry trays, tiny pots, and vases.

Finished products are durable and truly unique, often times mesmerizing. We can't get enough of it!

We instruct and help you through the process. We have various silicone molds for you to use,

we provide colors of your choice

and of course Jesmonite.

Jewelry box and oval tray

Events and Parties

Looking for a unique experience for your group?  Let us help you to plan a fun DIY outing.

We will happily help you with birthday parties, team events or other special occasion events.  Our mobile studio will come and host a party at your location.

Call us or send us an email and let's make it happen.

Lab tube vase in terracotta marble effect

Need a one-of-a-kind gift? Looking for an amazing piece of home decor to freshen your space?


Browse our trend setting decor pieces and accessories.


Can't wait to see you

at our shop on-line!

At MAVE, we want you to feel inspired and want you to leave the workshop with a sense of accomplishment and a unique home decor piece. 

We believe that crafting is a way to bring joy to people's lives.

It allows you to escape into a world of creativity

and is incredibly calming and meditative. Truly therapeutic experience.

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