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Add a touch of elegance to your home office with our modern phone holder. With a stylish Terrazzo effect, it perfectly complements any home decor. Keep your phone in plain sight, you'll never misplace your phone again with this chic and practical accessory. And it also makes a great gift to anyone. 

Phone Holder Terrazzo Collection

  • Size: Height 6.5", Width: 3.5"

    Every piece is handmade by us and every piece is one of a kind, thus when ordering online be aware that an item you receive might be slightly different color and pattern from the images you see online.  We try our best to match your desired color and pattern choice.

    Due to the nature of jesmonite, air bubbles and surface irregularities are part of the unique characteristics.

    Material: Made of eco-friendly material. Jesmonite is a composite material made from water-based acrylic resin and gypsum. Environmentally friendly, it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is heat resistant.

    Care Instructions:  Clean gently with a soft damp cloth, do not use any detergent. Products are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

    Our products are sealed with a food-safe sealer, but are not tested for food safety, therefore we do not recommend using our products for serving food and liquids. Items made of jesmonite can be used for decorative tableware and home decor.

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